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Food Safety

The FOOD PLUS+ promise protects your brand, as we adopt a science-based approach to ensure all our products are produced to the highest quality and safety standards.

Our Quality Standard

Full traceability & transparency

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FOOD PLUS+ provenance offers a safe and secure supply chain with full traceability and transparency. Our Positive Release protocol is a guarantee of the integrity of all the finished product that leaves our premises.
We go that extra mile to assure the products that arrive to our customers do so with the highest standards of Food Safety and Quality.


Risk assessed vendor management & traceability

We only work with approved suppliers from selected countries of origin and customise our supply chain as required to meet the quality and authenticity requirements of customers.

Our experienced technical and procurement teams are continually reviewing our supply base to ensure that they are honouring our commitments to food safety, authenticity, and quality. The objective is an assured supply chain; resilient and cost-effective to match customers’ expectations.


Keeping a close eye on things

We constantly verify the safety and integrity of our products through comprehensive microbiological surveillance systems, Positive Release of all ready-to-eat products and a comprehensive environmental monitoring schedule.

Through our work with research establishments (including the Centre for Food Safety at University College Dublin), we can more deeply characterise and investigate microbes isolated in our monitoring programmes with the goal of ‘Precision Food Safety’.

Secure Supply Chain

Protecting your brand in vulnerable times

Brands can be irreparably damaged overnight with issues heightened by the various social media platforms and brands. FOOD PLUS+ is centred on TMI’s commitment to treating our customer brands as our own.


Committed to continuous improvement & investment

Our Technical teams work closely with industry experts to ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of food safety. We are members of industry bodies and research centres including Campden BRI and the British Sandwich Association, leveraging these networks to innovate and challenge the ‘norm’ and to verify processes, analytical results and ingredients declarations.

We also exchange knowledge and expertise through our research partnership with the Centre for Food Safety, University College Dublin (UCD-CFS), providing access to a global network of resources.