Back Bacon

Product Specification

Available in all retailer approved formats
Including EU, UK, Red Tractor, RSPCA, Freedom Foods, OutdDoor Bred
Shelf Life (Frozen)
35 days chilled & 90 days frozen
Piece Size
Whole rashers 15g – 22g
Chilled or Frozen
Pack Size
From 50g (Retail) to 7kg (Bulk Packs)

Back Bacon Rashers

Our Back Bacon is made from premium pork loin and a portion of pork belly, making it much leaner than belly bacon. The star of a traditional full English breakfast in the U.K., it’s typically accompanied by beans, sausages, tomatoes and eggs or a customer favourite Bacon Bap.

Did you know?

All our products are Fully Cooked and Ready To Eat.

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