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Pure Culinary Science

Bringing the best ideas to the table.

Innovation is at the heart of our business

Great ingredients start with exceptional culinary innovation. Consumer insights drive growth. Food trends are constantly changing, and staying ahead of the competition requires us to keep our finger on the pulse. Our dedication to science and innovation allows us to develop products that meet our B2B customers’ needs and translate these into on-trend menu offerings.


Blending Expertise & Experience

At TMI, we have mastered the art of bacon, with over 40 years of expertise in the craft of curing, smoking, and cooking to deliver outstanding products. Every aspect of the process is carefully considered, from the select cut of meat to the authenticity of the ingredients, to the type of woodchip used as part of our signature smoking process.


TMI supplies a fast-moving market that is constantly evolving

Working together with our customers, we create bespoke solutions, by combining our market knowledge with our passion for bacon, and the latest technologies, all under one roof at our state-of-the-art facilities. The perfect blend of science, innovation, and culinary expertise.



Coffee Bacon

Cures & Flavours

No Added Nitrite Bacon

No-Added Nitrite Bacon

Innovation Backed by Food Science

R&D is core to the sustainability of our business at TMI, encouraging forward thinking and creativity to flourish and giving our customers a competitive edge. We have longstanding affiliations and partnerships with technical and academic research bodies, always on the lookout to identify emerging and future consumer trends and process innovation.

Our collective aim is to convert these learnings into commercially successful products as quickly and efficiently as possible to help our customers stay on trend delivering products that customers need and want in a safe and sustainable way.